Our Mission

    MC United FC Soccer is a Non-For-Profit Organization dedicated for the development of youth soccer players on the southwest side of Indianapolis. The Club’s vision is to develop players at every level and grow the love for soccer inside supportive communities. Through proper instruction, training, and encouragement, MC United FC is coaching players to be champions, both on and off the field.

MC United FC is dedicated to developing players, first in character, then individual skill/ability and  teamwork. Winning is important and encouraged, however, player development (character, individual, and teamwork) is most important. Winning is accomplished by emphasis on character, individual, and teamwork. We develop players through coaching leadership, proper technical and tactical training during practice. The game is where we put all of these elements into play.



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2nd Annual 3v3 Soccer League

Summer Shootout

2015 Fall Travel Kit

2015/16 Try Outs


SOCCER CAMPS - Mooresville, Camby and Monrovia